Is Tanzania safe?

Yes. Tanzania has managed to avoid the internal political upheaval that has plagued so many other African nations and is therefore one of the safest Countries in Africa. The tribal conflict here simply does not exist, even though it is one of the most diverse nations in Africa, with more than 120 ethnic groups. Formerly named Tanganyika, Tanzania peacefully gained its independence from Britain in 1961. Its next-door neighbor, Zanzibar, became independent in 1963, and a year later the two nations joined forces, becoming the United Republic of Tanzania. Today, other countries often use it as a neutral meeting ground, giving it the unofficial title, of “Switzerland of Africa.”

Safe Travel

A safe and secure on your safari is our highest priority. Our safaris have been carefully planned and researched by our local guides and safeguard against possible contingencies. Our local knowledge and years of safari experiences of organizing safari in our country Tanzania enhance our ability to make your safari holiday in Tanzania safe and memorable holiday and we take several essential steps to pre-empt any possible problems and also provide additional measures in the event of an incident on you Safari.

Your Safety  & Security on Safari

One of the first questions that many people ask when thinking of going on a safari for the first time, is “How do I ensure safety on a safari?” We have all grown up with those wonderfully romantic images of the exciting, untamed African bush, with its multitude of dangerous and wild animals roaming around. The thought of then actually putting yourself amongst them (by choice!) can cause even the sanest person to think that perhaps they are going a bit mad. Simple Rules Firstly, safaris are overall exceptionally safe. As long as you abide by some simple and common sense rules, you should be able to relax and thoroughly enjoy the experience. The Animals are Used to Vehicles When you are with a trained guide, you are nothing to worry about. Your guide is trained to understand the animal’s behavior, and will not put his guests in any threatening situation. The animals are also fully accustomed to the sight and sound of a Land Rover. Indeed, many of the animals have been born in the National Parks and have grown up knowing that this large, smelly machine is nothing to fear. On a Game Drive – Stay in your Car at All Times On a self-drive safari, it goes without saying that you will put yourself in danger if you get out of your car anywhere unless at a designated safe place. Although you may have carefully scanned the area, animals are a master at remaining concealed – predators do it daily when stalking prey – and you may have an unwelcome surprise. If you are sitting next to an animal watching it, take note of its behavior – if it looks agitated in any way, makes mock runs at you, or stares and paces up and down, then move slowly off. Don’t stay to find out whether it is going to charge or not – you may get more than you bargained for

Reliable Vehicles

We provide 4×4 Toyota Safari Land Cruisers and Land Rover Defenders (all less than 2 years old) for all our safaris regardless of budget (no mini-buses). Our vehicles are rigorously maintained, inspected, cleaned, and tested before and after every safari. All vehicles are equipped with 2 spare tires, a 1st aid kit, and a radio to communicate with our office, park rangers, base camp, Flying Doctors, and the Tanzanian police. These are spacious, comfortable vehicles capable of challenging off-road terrain while still large enough to guarantee our guests a window seat.

Animal Knowledge
Our guides are your naturalists, keeping you informed and entertained when sighting species, but also safe and secure. Africa’s wildlife presents a threat to humans only when provoked and our guides are experienced with every species you’ll see on safari and understand how to view them safely while providing the most exciting safari experience possible. Our guide’s understanding of animal safety not only in the vehicle but at the campsite will ensure you a safe and enjoyable safari

Hygienic Food Prep and Complimentary Bottled Water Daily
Waterborne diseases are the greatest source of discomfort to travelers on a Tanzania safari. We provide complimentary bottled water for our guests for, your safety & security and uses it for all food preparation. We also inspect the kitchens of the safari lodges and bush camps used by our guests to ensure the highest standards of food safety

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that you take out trip cancellation insurance to protect yourself. If it is necessary for you to cancel your trip within 50 days of your departure, or to discontinue your trip once it has begun, you will lose a significant portion of your investment. Travel insurance companies offer cancellation coverage, trip delay insurance, baggage loss and delay insurance, and additional health insurance.

Mountain. Your Safety & Security 

High-altitude trekking in Tanzania presents unique challenges to those who attempt to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro or Mt Meru.  Our mountain guides are all graduates with experience on both Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru Their knowledge of these distinct mountain environments and the ever-changing weather conditions is essential for a positive experience. Your mountain crew is equipped with radios and cell phones for communication amongst the group and with mountain rangers; they are all trained in 1st aid and carry a medical bag for emergencies.

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